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The power of Discipline

Posted: August 14, 2018

Okay, I admit it. In my younger years as an instructor, I was the happy go lucky type. Not a lot bothered me. If a student didn’t “answer up” loudly or even at all, I’d let it go. If a kid didn’t have his toes fully touching while standing at attention or was even a little wiggly, I didn’t mind. Today, I’m still “fairly” happy go lucky, but I nip the former in the bud a little bit more. Keep reading, you'll find out why.

I think what changed for me was likely equal parts becoming a parent and understanding what some of the adult members and parents of younger students were feeling. What’s more, I was starting to notice the ones that were getting away with a low level of respect and discipline in the past, were now the more senior students that were leading and influencing the culture of our school. We needed some changes.

I still don’t think I’m a disciplinarian like some of the forefathers of Taekwondo were, but I sure don’t have a problem digging in to a kid a little bit more these days (especially if I know the parent is appreciative and supportive). I remember having a profound moment a few years back when we had a younger black belt student who at the time was about 13. He had a good amount of natural talent and wasn’t fully putting in the effort he usually did. That particular day he was trying really hard to be funny, making jokes with others and making excuses about why he wasn’t taking things as seriously.

Avoiding fast food with your kids (plus free recipes)

Posted: August 07, 2018

Hi again,

I see it happen every day. Especially since our Martial Arts Academy is across the parking lot from a delicious oasis of dairy delights that are loaded with added sugar and deep fried everything. I get it parents, you’re busy, the kids are hungry (HANGRY even) and let’s face it, there’s not a lot of healthy choices in the drive thru. Not to mention, bed time is fast approaching.

You could always opt for the box of “Healthy-ish macaroni and cheese” with cute rabbit shapes instead of your kid’s favorite Cartoon Character on the box, but that still requires boiling water and straining the noodles while kids ask, “is dinner ready yet”?

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