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Avoiding fast food with your kids (plus free recipes)

Posted: August 07, 2018

Hi again,

I see it happen every day. Especially since our Martial Arts Academy is across the parking lot from a delicious oasis of dairy delights that are loaded with added sugar and deep fried everything. I get it parents, you’re busy, the kids are hungry (HANGRY even) and let’s face it, there’s not a lot of healthy choices in the drive thru. Not to mention, bed time is fast approaching.

You could always opt for the box of “Healthy-ish macaroni and cheese” with cute rabbit shapes instead of your kid’s favorite Cartoon Character on the box, but that still requires boiling water and straining the noodles while kids ask, “is dinner ready yet”?

But what if you could avoid the fast food joint along with the dreaded blood sugar spikes (not to mention the crash) and worse, the compounding side effects of eating fast food. A few simple changes like meal prepping will be easier than you think and might make a difference in your child’s mood or behavior, long-term health and eating habits as an adult.

I’m a pretty skilled in the kitchen, but I consulted an expert and a friend on this one. We brought in Kate Doubler from Real Food RN for some amazingly delicious and kid friendly recipes.

With so many parents on the go, we knew it would not just have to be heathy, but tasty and FUN! You can even get the kids involved in the process. Here are a few of the recipes we picked for first breakfast, second breakfast, anytime snacks, smoothies and post-karate class favorites.


Paleo Breakfast Cake

I know, your kids will be heartbroken when they realize you’re giving them cake for breakfast, but they’ll get over it once they sink their toothless smiles into this.


Sneaky Breakfast Smoothie for Kids

Ok, adults can enjoy too. And yes, you can also have this a great post-class treat (or reward).


Grain-Free Mickey Mouse Pancakes

This one is perfect for meal prep. My kids have never been upset there were extra pancakes around the house. Plus, when you skip the syrup, it’s an easy “in the car” or “on the go” snack.

Baked Sweet Potato Tots

Ketchup’s new best friend. Even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy a few of these next to some Chicken nuggets and broccoli. I also recommend Sir Kensington’s Ketchup. It tastes as fancy as it sounds without High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I want to thank Kate from Real Food RN for her collaboration and all the effort she puts into her research, knowledge, recipes and passion for educating others on eating healthier. Be sure to follow her Blog for the best recipes, check out her Shopping List, listen to her podcast for the latest health trends, or check out her book – The Five Key Lifestyle Practices for Optimal Health, here.

I hope this week’s Blog helps you spend less time waiting for a bag of greasy burgers while breathing in car exhaust fumes and more time around the dinner table connecting with your kids and loved ones.


Ken Hoops