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A Letter To My Sons

Posted: November 01, 2019

A Letter To My Two Sons;


It is with great humility I get to see the students we teach become a better and more confident version of themselves every single day, but I know I’ve had to miss a lot of bedtime stories. 


Each day I watch people beat the odds, overcome adversity and navigate difficult obstacles in their own lives while elevating their (and their peer’s) own performance in the process, but I don’t always get to see you learning to do the same through your homework, during after school sports or teaching yourselves to read. 


I get to travel, speak, train with, inspire and be inspired by thousands of amazing people every year, yet I don’t get many opportunities to have “paid time-off” to bring the family to Universal Studios or Six Flags. Even if that’s only temporary. 


I have important lunches and meetings with our team members and moments that make our schools culture and unity stronger, but I don’t always get to take your Mom on very many fun or romantic dates, but whenever we do, we sure do to talk about you two a lot. 


All these personal and professional sacrifices aside, the opportunity I have been blessed with and to call myself a Martial Arts Instructor (and Entrepreneur) is not only a fulfilling career opportunity, but it’s a chance to learn what obstacles and challenges other parents face as well as help young people (and adults) experience growth and help them learn how to make a difference for themselves. A lot of days I stand in awe and feel thankful for how truly blessed my life is with a single shred of hope it helps me impact your lives for the better in the process too. 


Being called to serve others and helping people experience growth is a need all instructors feel based on how martial arts has helped and served us. I firmly believe doing anything else with my life right now else would be a disservice to the martial arts community and a misuse of the skills martial arts had given me. Especially the perseverance to continue to grow myself and my self worth. 


Believe me when I say, after pouring into others and serving all day long, it can be easy to drop your guard and forget to have patience with your loved ones & the people closest to you (and even yourself) from time to time, but know how much I appreciate your being patient and understanding with me, as it has me striving to become a better man, stronger father, more loving husband and empathetic leader every day. With humility, being instructor gives you more self awareness and opens your eyes to understand your imperfections and desire to become better leaders on and off the mats. 


Without a doubt, the biggest debate I have with myself is whether or not my greatest contribution will be my service to others and what they will accomplish after they train in our program or whether I was at your practices or games, watching your choir concerts, home for dinner and so on. So I guess with a little grace I can say, for now, I will choose to do it all as often as I can. 


Finally, remember this. Whether I teach the next several years, decades, or into my final years, that is up to what my body can physically withstand. My most significant and important work is ensuring your mother and I have helped you two learn to become the best versions of yourselves each and every day. So far, we couldn’t be more proud of the results we’ve seen and will be continually amazed as the days go by. 


You are our single greatest accomplishment. 


With love and gratitude,