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Who is our program for?

Posted: January 15, 2018

Who says, martial arts is only for self-defense?

I’m quite amazed by the number of people that still think marital arts is only for troubled kids who misbehave, get picked on, or bullied. Though we do work with families who have experienced this, throughout my career, I have started to see fewer and fewer cases. This week’s post is all about identifying the personality types who benefit from martial arts training.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be from a rough neighborhood, under the age of 25, or have low self-esteem to begin changing your life and start becoming a better version of yourself, today.

Ten books that inspired me in 2017 (and will propel you to great things too) - Part 2

Posted: January 04, 2018

We have returned with Part 2 of our Top 10 Books that inspire. This part of this list is also many of the books our entire leadership team at Chanhassen Martial Arts has read and it has helped up unify our purpose & vision, as well as grow and lead our community.

5. Leaders Eat Last, by Simon Sinek

This is not only one of the most profound book on leadership I’ve read, but it was my second most frequently gifted book in 2017. The principles of this book are about how some teams pull together and why others don’t. I’ll never admit nor care to be a self-made anything, but love to share credit with our team and people closest to me. If you are in a leadership position or wish to be, put this on your must read list, or better yet order it here, Leaders Eat Last.  

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